We have established our company in 1995 to help the mold industry’s development of Thailand, and supply our high precision plastic parts to our customers in Thailand. Since then, through several serious economic crisis, such as Asian currency crisis or Lehman Brother’s bankruptcy, Thai Nissin Mold has survived and become the one of the best mold and plastic suppliers in Thailand. And, we also have overcome the Big Flood which has hit hard Ayuttaya province in 2011. We have rebuild our Rojana Factory in Ayutthaya, and succeeded to build our new factory in Chonburi province with the support of our customers and co-operation of our sincere Thai employees. We now have 2 factories in Thailand and 450 Thai employees and have technologies which cove r from mold making to injection, and 2nd processes such as painting, printing and laser marking.

And upon 20 years anniversary of the company, we set the following policy for next 20 years.
1. Localization of management.
2. In-house development of production technology.
3. Maximization of customer service relating to quality and cost.
4. Group’s globalization.*
*Our group will establish new company in Mexico, and begin production from 2016.

Our company name "Nissin" means day to day progress, and we will be evolving everyday.